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MBA Projects in Operations / Production Management

Operations management refers to the activities, decisions and responsibilities of managing the resources which are dedicated to the production and delivery of products and services. The part of an organisation that is responsible for this activity is called the operations function and every organisation has one as delivery of a product and/or service is the reason for existence. Operations managers are the people who are responsible for overseeing and managing the resources that make up the operations function. The operations function is also responsible for fulfilling customer requests through the production and delivery of products and services. Depending on the type of industry or business, other titles can be used interchangeably, such as a ‘fleet manager' in a distribution company or a ‘store manager' in retail businesses. Although the operations function is central to any organisation, it is only one of the three main core functions, the others being marketing and finance. The marketing function is responsible for communicating the organisation's products and services to its markets and researching customer wants and needs. The finance function is responsible for providing information to assist in economic decision making and the overall management of financial resources.

Below is our sample list of MBA projects in Operations and Production management:

  • Study on Concepts and Techniques related to materials management
  • Study on Computer and Quantitative models used in formulating managerial problems
  • Study on Concepts and Techniques of Value Analysis to effectively control costs
  • Study on Deterministic and Stochastic inventory models
  • Study on Just In Time Production
  • Study on Logistics Management
  • Study on Project Scheduling
  • Study on Manufacturing strategy
  • Study on Site and Location Analysis